Freediver Herbert Nitsch           "The Deepest Man on Earth"

Freediver Herbert Nitsch
Freediver Herbert Nitsch
Freediver Herbert Nitsch

One-Day Workshop



Summer 2018

Only once a year, Herbert shares his freediving knowledge up-close-and-personal by giving an exclusive 1-day workshop for a limited number of participants.

This full-day workshop focuses on efficient and effective training to increase your lung-volume and breath-hold-time. By using Herbert's unique and controversial techniques, everyone can double triple his/her breath-hold time within a week of training.

Workshop contents (approximately):

1 hour    lung and diaphragm stretching

2 hours   dry and wet breath-hold training

2 hours   full lunch and personal Q&A with Herbert

1 hour    about packing, mouth-fill & equalization


The workshop will be given in ENGLISH

Place:      To be announced

Date:       To be announced

Date to be announced

Place to be announced